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Google's Search Console is a rich source of SEO insights but it has 3 mayor downsides:
There's only 90 days of data. It's almost impossible to analyze the data on their dashboard. It's not easy to find the right insights.

Keylogs helps you to find better search console insights faster:
Dive into rankings right on Google's pulse. Identify opportunites and track your keywords and pages. Mark changes to see their effects on a glance.

Identify and track your top pages and keywords

20% of your pages and keywords are responsible for about 80% of your traffic. Keylogs identifies what search results actually drive your traffic and gives you an easy way to monitor their performance. Simply mark pages and keywords to track their performance longterm and see ranking changes on a glance.

Easily find ranking opportunities and quick wins

Keylogs helps you to identify unused chances to boost your rankings and traffic with minor on-page optimizations. It shows where exactly to improve click-through rates, optimize snippets and which keywords are about to hit the first page. Get helpful SEO hints and mark your changes in the timeline.

Find Search and Site Errors

Identify search rankings that cannibalize each other with a single click. Keylogs also shows site errors from Google´s Search Console and gives insights where speed optimization is useful. Track your changes to see your improvements.

Dig deeper and improve rankings with user insights

User behaviour has become a crutial ranking factor. Keylogs combines your rankings with data from Google Analytics and Pagespeed Insights. Find out where you need to optimize your content or pagespeed to increase your rankings further.

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